Workers' Compensation

Dr. Foroohar Treats Work Comp Injuries

When a person is hurt on the job, we at Northwest Neurosurgery Institute go out of our way to accommodate patients with Workers' Compensation injuries affecting the spine, brain and peripheral nerves—and to communicate clearly with patients, employers, adjusters and case managers.

Dr. Foroohar is thoroughly familiar with the Illinois Workers' Compensation system and will provide:

  • Expedited appointment scheduling. Dr. Foroohar will evaluate Workers' Comp patients in one to two weeks—no long waits for an appointment.

  • Accessible information and communication. One of our office staff members will always answer the phone when you call during business hours—no voice mail, no waiting for someone to return your call.

  • Independent medical evaluations (IMEs). Dr. Foroohar will provide prompt, thorough IMEs with quick turnaround of transcribed exam notes and reports.

  • Second surgical opinions. If a Workers' Comp patient has been advised to undergo surgery, Dr. Foroohar will provide an expert second opinion.

  • Work status reports. After evaluating a Workers' Comp patient, Dr. Foroohar will promptly prepare a work status report stating whether the employee can return to work, return to work with modified duty due to work restrictions, or needs to take time off work to heal.

  • Surgery. If a patient needs surgery for a work-related injury, Dr. Foroohar is skilled in:

Our goal is the same as yours: to help the injured worker reach maximum medical improvement (MMI) in the shortest time possible.